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How Legal Aid Can Help You Secure A Defence Lawyer In Calgary

Legal Aid provides legal assistance to adults and youth on criminal charges, so they are able to obtain a Calgary defence lawyer. However, there are a few caveats to getting legal Aid in Calgary. So it is best to know what they are before you go to them. 

  • Legal Aid is used for criminal charges, but can also be used for other family matters, (such as child welfare, custody battles and divorces), specific immigration issues (depending on success) and appeals (depending on the merits of the case). 
  • When it comes to obtaining legal Aid for your defence lawyer, you have to be on a limited income. All your finances will be assessed, including your family income (after deductions) and your assets. Legal Aid will have a hard look at your circumstances to see if you are eligible to obtain aid services. 
  • In regards to youth criminal charges, parents or guardians’ income will be assessed to determine if Legal Aid is possible. 
  • Depending on your circumstances, Legal Aid might fully or partially pay your legal fees. It all depends on your financial situation. 
  • However, Legal Aid is not free if you have the finances to cover it. You have to pay the services back when you can afford to do so. When the case is over, you will receive a statement of account and a monthly payment schedule with your bank. This way, you can keep track of payments and make sure you can repay the services.
  • Regardless of your charges or not, everyone in Calgary can reach out to Legal Aid services to receive free information on their case. 

Contact an Experienced Calgary Defence Lawyer

If you need the eligibility requirements of Legal Aid, your next step is to find a defence lawyer in Calgary that you can trust. However, you don’t have to get Legal Aid first; you can also find a lawyer you like, who can put you in touch with Legal Aid services. They can even help you with the necessary paperwork and any financial assistance you might have about your case.

If you feel that you are entitled to Legal Aid, then start the process now to see if you can participate in the program. 

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