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4 Wrong Stigmas Against Criminal Defence Lawyers

Being a criminal defence lawyer means opening up yourself to a world of stigmas. There is already a perception of you before you even walk into court to defend your client. Whether you are protecting a client, providing support as a DUI lawyer, or providing legal counsel, you are open to these four wrong stigmas:

Criminal Defence Lawyers Only Care About Winning, Not Justice

The idea here is that criminal defence lawyers in Calgary are only driven by their desire to win, not about justice. But that is a wrong assumption to make. Justice can be that the client is cleared of their charges because they were wrongly accused. The lawyer is merely making the best case for their client in a bid to prove their innocence. It has nothing to do with a desire to win, but a desire to be fair.

Criminal Lawyers Only Care About Money

Since lawyers charge a lot for their services, and they are defending someone that is suspicious of a crime, the stigma is raised that the defence lawyer only cares about money. This assumption is not true at all. Every client is entitled to a fair trial and the fees are a natural part of the process. Many criminal defence lawyers also offer some of their service free of charge such as the initial consultation.  

They Use ‘Tricks’ To Get Their Client Off

There is a perception that criminal lawyers use sneaky ‘tricks’ to con the jury into believing that their client might be innocent. However, lawyers are still within the law and are making use of it to defend their client and give them a fair chance.

They Are ‘Guilty By Association’

Due to the fact that criminal defence lawyers are supporting charged individuals, some individuals may think that they regularly mingle with such individuals. Some might even believe that a lawyer that defends criminals is, therefore, a criminal. That is a seriously wrong allegation to make and damages the reputation of the lawyer. Lawyers are merely defending the rights of the individual, and are not necessary associating with them.

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