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DUI Lawyer: What Happens Once You Get a DUI Charge

If you have been arrested for DUI, it can be a very frightening and confusing time. Where do you go from here? How do you handle what is going to come next? Can a criminal defence lawyer in Calgary help you? We have a breakdown on what to expect once you get a DUI charge.

You will get arrested and may be taken to jail

If you fail the breathalyzer test, the first thing to expect is that you will be sent to jail. Depending on the charge, and your previous history, you could be in jail for just the night, or might require bail to be freed. It varies on your past and current personal status.

You will be summoned to court at a later date

After the charge has been laid, you will be summoned to court at a later date. You will have time to prepare yourself for the charge. It is imperative that you turn up at the court on the day, or you could be facing additional charges.

You will have the chance to defend your actions

You are entitled to rights in court, which means you have the opportunity to defend yourself. The aim is to build up a solid case on your behalf and present it accurately. Doing this on your own can be a struggle if you do not know the laws, which is why plenty of people hire a DUI lawyer to help them with their case. If you do feel that you are guilty, you can accept the charge.

You could face punishments if convicted

Depending on the result at the end of the court proceedings, you could be punished for your DUI charge. The punishment can vary depending on the severity of your charge. Your sentence can range from expensive fines to licence suspensions; from undertaking DUI courses to even jail time. You will also get a DUI charge on your permanent record which will affect your chances at getting a job and paying lower car insurance fees. However, you can get a lesser punishment if you have a solid defence provided by an impaired driving lawyer.  

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