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5 Things You Must Consider Before Hiring A Sexual Assault Lawyer

A sexual assault charge is serious and has many ramifications. If you find yourself facing charges, stay calm and act promptly to defend yourself against false accusations. Here are five things to know before hiring a Calgary sexual assault lawyer.

It’s Best to Contact a Calgary Sexual Assault Lawyer Quickly

Insist on calling a lawyer immediately. The police are required to inform you of your right to contact a lawyer and do everything in their power to facilitate it. Being charged with a serious crime is stressful and confusing, so it’s best to have expert help from the beginning. A Calgary criminal defence lawyer can help you deal with law enforcement questioning and arrange a hearing. It’s also important to hire a Calgary lawyer quickly, so they have time to gather the necessary evidence.

You Need a Sexual Assault Lawyer with Experience

Because the consequences of a conviction for sexual assault are usually jail time, you need to hire counsel with substantial experience in fighting these cases. It’s best to find a sexual assault lawyer who knows what they’re doing so that you can have the best possible defence.

Your Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer Needs a Timeline of Events

The police may continue to gather evidence against you even after your arrest, so your lawyer should begin planning your defence from the first phone call. You can help by writing down a detailed timeline as soon as possible to help a Calgary sexual assault lawyer build a case. Your report should include everything you know about your relationship with the alleged victim and about the incident that led to your arrest.

A Sexual Assault Lawyer Needs a List of Possible Witnesses

You should also begin compiling a list of possible witnesses for your Calgary lawyer including family, close friends, people at the location of the incident, employers, and co-workers.

A sexual Assault Arrest Could Come at Any Time

A Sexual Assault charge is serious, and with the new Provisions in the Criminal Code, it is almost always the case that a conviction results in jail time. If the police are coming to arrest you for a sexual assault, they will almost always make the arrest unannounced, which is why it’s important to know your rights. Be very careful not to give the police any information at all other than the information to identify yourself. Give as little information as necessary until you can seek counsel and advice from your Calgary criminal defence lawyer.

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